Ground Breaking Treatment for Depression Sees 75% Success Rate

A Dublin based medical clinic has launched a ground breaking, non-invasive treatment for depression, which has seen 75% of respondents report a significant improvement in their condition, with nearly half (45%) reporting complete remission.

Neuromed Clinic, based in Ranelagh, Dublin is headed up by Harvard trained Dr. Ivan Murray and offers a non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment, which is already widely available in more than 400 clinics across the United States and has been approved by the FDA and the American Psychiatric Institute.

Patients who have undergone TMS treatment report higher confidence, higher motivation and higher sociability. According to Dr. Murray, the treatment is benefitting a huge number of people, particularly during the current pandemic lockdown. “Depression is such a difficult condition to cope with, both for the sufferer and indeed their family. The lengthy Covid lockdowns in Ireland have really exacerbated the problem, and we are seeing more people than ever investigate non-invasive treatments such as TMS and reduce their dependence on prescribed medication.”

TMS is a gentle treatment that involves the use of mild magnetic pulses. These pulses stimulate under active brain cells, activating them to work more efficiently and promoting improved mood and a more positive outlook for the patient. “The purpose of the treatment is to stimulate recovery and transform lives. We feel incredibly proud to now offer this treatment to the Irish population, as we offer hope to people suffering with depression and related conditions. Our friendly and experienced team are committed to supporting those we treat on a shared journey to recovery.”

In terms of the length of treatment a patient is required to have, patients undergo an average of 30 sessions at the Neuromed Clinic in Ranelagh, Dublin over the course of 2 weeks. Each session lasts a mere 5 minutes, meaning patients can avail of 3 sessions per visit while sitting comfortably and alert at all times.

The cost per TMS appointment at the Neuromed Clinic, meanwhile, is amongst the most competitive in the world at €100.00 per session.

While TMS is a highly effective treatment in battling depression, it has also proven to be extremely beneficial for sufferers of related conditions including anxiety, burnout, post-natal depression and substance abuse.

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