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The Neuromed Clinic saved my life. Literally. After 30 years of struggling with my mental health, countless therapies, and playing medication roulette, I found myself stuck in the darkest depths of major depression I had ever known, yearning for nothing more than a permanent ending. Seeing an ad (on Instagram of all places) for Neuromed, I used my last ounce of effort to reach out to them. Within a week they managed to break through the scar tissue surrounding my ‘happy brain’ and freed me from the darkness. 3 weeks later and my life is filled with a happy gratitude I haven’t felt in ages. Situations that used to throw me into a downward spiral are now processed with a strength and rationality I forgot existed. I feel healthy. I feel happy. I feel ALIVE, and I feel LOVE. Thank you Neuromed, for finding my light and giving me back my life.
Apryl Love
I am a Psychiatric Nurse with two decades in the field. I’ve been struggling with my mood for about five years. I guess you could say I have seen both sides of the fence. Meds helped for quite a while and they are important in treatment. I have to say that, as a Nurse, I have seen this treatment work and do so, often. As a Patient, it has given me back joy. I smile more. I have more strength to push through tough days. I’m not dragging myself along, now. These things make me a better Husband and Dad. Dr. Murray is funny, witty and kind. I’ve seen him take great care of others and I trust him. Habenom will treat you well and he knows his stuff, inside and out. Claire will make you feel welcome and at ease.
Patrick L
The staff are amazing they really helped me get over my Anxiety, the treatment was pleasant with no side effects. I would definitely recommend Neuromed Clinic if you are suffering from Anxiety like I was. And the price was reasonable compared to other companies that offer the same thing. If I could give 10 stars I would. Don’t hesitate.
Sharon Jones
I’m not even fully done my two week treatment for depression and I already feel that my symptoms have lessened greatly. My vision itself looks brighter and more vivid in colour. I’m starting to not dread waking up or having to do daily tasks. I’m definitely going to get the anxiety treatments to help with both my anxiety and ADHD after this. I feel less moody, more in control, my sleep is better, and overall I just feel amazing. Best investment I’ve ever made.
Mahad Jamil
I have lived with bipolar for 30 years with 7 of these last years I experienced only depression. TMS has greatly improved my mood and I have great hopes this will be lasting. I will definitely be telling my friends to try it out. The staff are great and the location is very accessible.
Charlotte Palmer
Absolutely amazing results, Covid 19 has been a bummer and brought me down mentally, after a week of treatments with Neuromed I feel the difference, I sleep better, my thoughts are clear, my life is better, my energy is higher than it has ever been!! Thanks so much guys, you saved my life !! Only 2 weeks left of treatments!!
Joni M
Dr Gedey is very professional and has a calming personality. I felt at ease for the entire procedure and had some interesting conversation with him about medical school. The procedure itself was painless, quick, and interesting! I highly recommend! Even after the first few sessions of TMS treatments, I noticed my energy levels are higher than ever, my memory, speed and focus are all excellent, and I feel better than I have in years. The biggest difference I've noticed is that getting up in the mornings is no longer a struggle, and I'm extremely pleased that that effect stayed and is becoming a habit. It has been nearly a full month where I wake up with my alarm, take a deep breath and get up. No more feeling utterly exhausted, numb, sad, or like I need to hide from the world. I look forward to sleep now, and I feel like I'm ready to take on the day when I wake up. That alone makes a huge difference in how I'm able to function for the rest of the day.
Dakota L
My experience with this establishment has been positive from start to finish. All questions and concerns I had were promptly addressed and answered, and the treatment itself has drastically improved my mental and emotional wellbeing. TMS is an excellent treatment tool in conjunction with therapy and other mental health modalities for healing and vitality.
Amber Acorda
Due to high stress and burnout from an exhausting work schedule and depression/anxiety, I came to Neuromed looking for help and answers. I did a consultation phone call to start where, even then, I felt like I was being heard and cared for. I then did a two week daily treatment of TMS, which I didn't need to take time off work for but they helped alleviate my stress by providing a note. The treatment itself is non-invasive and involves minor counselling throughout visits, if wanted. Within the first day, I felt a lightness in my head and felt I could think things through more clearly. After a few days, the lightness lifted but I was still thinking clearly, motivated, and able to recover from mood swings easier. I definitely feel an overall effect on how I think and I perceive the world. I'll be returning for regular treatment, to try to keep my mind balanced and uplifted. Thank you Claire and Dr. Gedey.
Paige R
I suffered migraine/tension headache for years. Tried physio, massage, accupuncture, you name it. Finally got in with a neurologist and got botox. Unfortunately the botox actually aggrivated things even more! I finally tried TMS and after just one quick treatment I got so much relief! I received 5 treatments and each one I felt better and better! My first treatment my head was very sensitive to the pulses. Each day they actually started to feel really good on my head, like a massage with a tense machine. Its been probably 6 or more months since I finished my sessions and I have not had a migraine since! If I feel like things are getting tense again I can keep everything at bay by chiro or a massage. I wish I had tried it sooner! Its really allowed me to feel like myself again and not be in a constant state of suffering! Highly recommend giving it a try!
K Bennett
After many decades of major depression. Struggling with medication after medication. I decided I really had nothing to lose but to give TMS a try! My first appointment was June 1 and my last appointment was on June 12. I could feel results within the first couple of days and I feel fantastic already!!!! I had excellent support there, they answered every question I had and made me feel extremely safe and secure!!! I want to thank you guys for giving me my life back!!! ♥️
Tracey Pidherney
My life has changed for the better! When I decided to go to Neuromed, I went white both my physician and psychologist on board. I was very upfront I was sick of trying different medication that either made me feel like a zombie or made me sick. I wanted to try something without medication. Best decision ever! The cost is similar to my annual; medication cost. The staff were helpful and took the time to go brought things and answer my many questions. The took the time to make sure I was comfortable. Parking was sometimes a challenge as there was not always free spots but that was a minor inconvenience. I will go back when the need arises, I attended last September.
Michelle Gillespie
This experience for me and my son has been so life changing. To be able to have some normalcy in his/my life is a blessing . Thank you !
Alana Langford
Fantastic treatment, wonderful people.
Claire Vander
I have been suffering from Depression for many years, tried many different medications but the side effects alone are terrible and especially when the meds don't work. I was googling things that help with Depression and Neuromed Clinic popped up. I am so happy I decided to give this a try. From the first visit they made me comfortable, answered all my questions and concerns, explained how this worked so I thought I would give it a try. TMS feels very different it does not hurt but I did have a headache after the first treatment but then it went away. I can not believe the change in myself the fog of Depression has lifted and I am back to my old self again. This is an investment in me so it was well worth the money I spent.
Vicky Johnson
I own and operate 3 businesses , I was experiencing complete burn out and exhaustion. I figured I would try this out to see what helps as I tried literally everything to keep my mind in a positive flow state. After a week of treatments I noticed a huge difference so I continued on with my treatments and have never felt better, I go every couple weeks now for a maintenance session and that's it .
Chris M
I’ll admit I was very skeptical to try neuromed. I have several Immediate family members who swore by it so I figured I’d give it a shot. From the time I booked my consultation to the time I finished my last appointment everything was very consistent. The staff were friendly, the treatment was painless, the price was reasonable and the overall experience was great. If you have the time to give to this program I strongly recommend it, I was told everyone handles it differently, I personally took a couple weeks to start feeling well but even now after my treatment with all the tips and tricks I was given during my session to continue to grow I feel 100% different than my first day before neuromed. Go into it with the right mindset and I can almost guarantee this will work for you. Thanks to all the staff at neuromed!
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